Some installations need to maintain the power supply or the control and command of specific equipment, either to operate a safety scenario or, for example, to allow the evacuation of people.

The purpose of cable tray protection is to maintain the operational capacity of the protected cables, even during a fire. The solutions must be tested and CE marked according to EN1366-11, depending on the type of application: functionality, heat subtraction or anti-propagation.

There are other categories of equipment or products that perform equipment fire protection functions (structural steel protection, load-bearing walls, etc.) and which have their own specific test standards and classifications.


The decree of 22 March 2004, published in the “Official Journal” of 1 April 2004, implements the fire resistance classification system for construction products defined at the European level. Thus, classes R, E and I replace the designations Fire-Resistant (SF), Flame Arrestor (PF) and Firewall (CF) as soon as the corresponding European test standard is available.

(Functions to be performed)
Former classification
(1999 Decree)
Former classification
(2004 Decree)
Mechanical strengthFire-resistant SFR
Hot gas sealingFire-resistant SF(R) + E —> E
Mechanical strengthFire wall SF (R) + E —> E