About us

Expert in the passive protection of your facilities

For more than 30 years, NUVIATech Protection has been a reference in the passive protection of regulated structures and installations by assisting its customers in the design, manufacture and qualification of dedicated products and systems.

Our know-how adaptation for technology challenges of passive protection of your projects.

Operating in France and around the world, NUVIATech Protection designs a wide range of products and systems to protect your facilities, installations, and equipment against the risks of fire, flooding, dissemination, earthquakes, and radiation.

In accordance with regulatory and technical developments and in response to customer requirements, NUVIATech Protection’s innovative and high -performance solutions guarantee the control of your facilities for better durability of your investments, by extending their lifespan and ensuring the safety of the personnel involved.

With our own design, testing and manufacturing facilities, we have a strong reactive and adaptive capability. Our customers and partners around the world, can benefit from our offers, which are always up to date with regulatory and technical developments specific to each country, business and project.

Business sectors


Our strengths

Our teams are recognised by our clients for their technical and regulatory expertise, and their ability to support projects of all sizes and of complexity.

Our engineers, specialists and technicians provide expertise adapted to your passive protection challenges.

Strong technicality
Our technicians and engineers use technical skills acquired through experience and supported by innovation.
Proficiency in technologies
Through vertical integration, we have control over our own design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, and thus the quality and performance of our products.
Compliance with safety and security requirements
The safety and security of people, the environment and installations are our key concerns.
Made in France
We are proud to offer our customers products resulting from local vertical integration and proud to join the label “FRENCH FAB”, whose ambition is to support the French industrial fabric.

Our history

Know-how resulting from experience and complementarity
Our history has provided us with unique techniques and expertise, as well as our own design, testing and manufacturing resources. Building on this heritage, today we have a strong reactive and adaptive capacity. Our customers and partners around the world can benefit from our offers, which are always up to date with regulatory and technical developments specific to each country and business projects.

About the COMPART range of NUVIATech Protection

The products in the COMPART range are intended for passive protection against fire risks in the building, industry, energy, data center, transport, tunnels, engineering structure and civil engineering sectors.

The products in this range can be designed according to specific specifications and are manufactured and tested on our site, as well as in official laboratories according to European standards. They are then labelled under “COMPART – a NUVIATech Protection range” or an own brand label. These products are installed by yourself, at your address or on your customers premises, we can assist you, if necessary.

About the NUVIA group

With its experience in the nuclear industry, NUVIA supports its industrial customers in sensitive and highly regulated environments throughout the life cycle of their installations.

NUVIA operates in many business sectors, including nuclear energy, civil and military defence, health, and the environment, by offering its customers all the support services, engineering, and products required for the design, construction, operation and dismantling of their industrial installations.

The group works alongside their customers, guaranteeing the best levels of safety and performance, to build a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable world.


Our offices, production workshops and laboratories are based in Morestel, France.

Zone Industrielle

1306 route d’Argent, BP 19 – 38510 Morestel – France

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