Reference: NuFDA

NuFDA fire-stop dampers are particularly efficient in terms of operability and manoeuvrability, while guaranteeing high fire-protection requirements.


Type of protection : Fire


Application : Fire and Containment Sector


Configuration : Different possible installations (surface mounted, recessed or In-duct)

Products in the range

  •  NuFDA-100: double-jacketed airtight cylindrical damper for containment. 
  •  NuFDA-200: inclined and inverted dry-range damper, manoeuvrable when hot.
  •  NuFDA-200 ATEX: inclined and inverted dry-range damper
  •  NuFDA-300: inclined and inverted dry-range damper


  • Dry range (without intumescent seal).
  • Remotely operable.
  • Manoeuvrable at temperature (CTHEN).
  • Earthquake resistant.
  • Proven reliability and durability.

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