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Logo COMPART This product is sold by COMPART, a NUVIATech Protection brand.

BoxPART is a fire-stop box for Freyssibar-type anchor heads or prestressing cable anchor heads in road, rail or mixed tunnels.


Type of protection : Fire


Protection for : Prestressing rods and cables



• Rigid galvanised steel or stainless steel (on request) prefabricated fire-stop housing.
• Variable dimensions depending on the size of the anchor to be protected and the geometry of the site application (made to measure).
• Insulating complex based on fireproof fibres and gel, implemented in an M0 fabric cover (patented COMPART system).
• Can be dismantled and repositioned as required, without joints and without the intervention of a technician (fire-stop degree guaranteed.

It protects cables and prestressing elements from fire when they have to maintain optimum performance even under the action of an increased hydrocarbon fire, and meets the M0 requirement in tunnels.


• Saves time during installation: no cutting or adjustments to be made on site
• Protection of several elements with a single housing, suitable for space-saving multiple anchors
• Easy to handle by one person
• Lighter and less fragile than an assembly made with sand-lime plates
• Applicable in all rail and road tunnels



• Reduced thickness, flexible insulation complex
• Colour: metallic or other finish on request (epoxy paint, etc.)
• Guaranteed halogen-free
Documents and certifications


• EFECTIS Test report 2019
• EFECTIS calculation note



• Carry out the implementation of the prestressing elements as usual
• Drill the necessary holes to fix the housing
• Position the housing
• Insert the fixing studs and tighten the nuts so that the housing and its retaining flange, if necessary, can be placed on the concrete
If a subsequent visit is required, repeat the operation in the reverse order to remove the housing, and put it back in place after inspection.

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