Range: MatPART M0 N3

Logo COMPART This product is sold by COMPART, a NUVIATech Protection brand.

MatPART is a flexible M0 N3 fire-stop mattress for use in railway and road tunnel draw chambers


Type of protection : Fire


Protection for : Draw Chambers



MatPART is a prefabricated flexible mattress that is fireproof for more than 4 hours continuously, including 2 hours in an increased hydrocarbon fire.

Variable dimensions depending on the size of the chamber to be protected.

With non-combustible materials, the mattress maintains electrical functionality (control power, LV, fibre optics).

Can be dismantled and repositioned as required without joints and without the intervention of a technician (fire-stop degree guaranteed).




• Set of mattresses adjusted to the dimensions of draw chambers

• Withstands impacts

• Meets the most stringent regulatory requirements (N3)

• Meets the M0 requirement in tunnels

• Maintains electrical functions under the action of the fire throughout the duration of the fire

• Suitable for small spaces

• Time saving during installation: no cutting on site, no breakage during handling, etc.

• Easy to handle by one person, easy installation


• Thickness: 50mm
• Weight: less than 9kg (for a 600x1000mm mattress)
• Colour: grey (or other on request)
• Mass: approx. 14kg/m²
• Made to measure
• Guaranteed halogen-free
• Insulating complex based on fibres and fireproof gel in an M0 fabric cover
• Applicable in all rail and road tunnels



• Do not step on the mattress
• Do not pierce
• Handle with care
• Do not expose to the weather
• Store under cover

Documents and certifications


• CERIB 2019 test certificate



• Position a 30x30mm galvanised angle iron (11cm minimum) on the surface of the concrete pad and fix it with M8 studs or M8 concrete screws
• Position a 100x50mm galvanized wire mesh (6mm wire)
• Position the mattresses on the wire mesh, placing them edge to edge
• Replace the concrete pads on the chamber surface
• Repeat the operation in reverse for removal (keep the angle irons) and replace according to the instructions following the intervention in the chamber

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