Range: SnakePART ECO

Logo COMPART This product is sold by COMPART, a NUVIATech Protection brand.

SnakePART ECO is an intumescent fire-stop seal for sealing static and dynamic expansion joints


Configuration : In floor or wall


Material : Concrete


Type of protection : Fire



SnakePART ECO is a flexible intumescent foam gasket, providing 2 hrs of fire protection when used alone, or 4 hrs in combination with SilPART B fire-stop sealant depending on the configuration.

Fire resistance EI 120 to 240

Resistant to hydrocarbons, suitable for car parks.

Guaranteed halogen-free and asbestos-free.



• High elasticity

• Easy to apply, no tools, no glue, no sealant

• Wide range of use +/- 20%

• Excellent mechanical resistance thanks to its durability of more than 40 years. It has been tested over 15,000 compression / decompression cycles


• Soft foam base

• Grey colour

• Density: 0.16kg/L approx

• Range of movement: +/- 20%

• Thermal conductivity (according to ISO 8302): 0.05W/(m.K) at room temperature

• Length: 10m


* EI: Integrity and Insulation: stops hot gas and smoke (E), and provides thermal insulation (I)

Documents and certifications


• ETA-15/0552 of 15/01/2016

• EFECTIS report 13-A-493

• Tested according to European standard EN 1366-4



(Can be positioned in rain, with dust, etc.)
• The seal is positioned by manual compression
• Measure the space to be filled in order to determine the appropriate SnakePART ECO (see table)
• Press the profile into place by pressing it into the required position
• The joints are laid end to end without special connectors
• SilPART B fire-stop sealant can be used in addition (sealing and aesthetic) for better performance and to optimise fire resistance
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