Our strenght : vertical integration

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, our integration concept enables us to support our customers with an offer adapted to their new challenges.
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With more than thirty years of experience, NUVIATech Protection provides solutions to all customers who wish to maintain control of their facilities of equipment in accidental situations due to fire, flood, gas, radioactivity, and earthquake.

In a constantly changing regulatory context, our customers’ needs evolve and our offer adapts, to provide products and equipment that are always at the cutting edge of innovation.

Our agility comes largely from our vertical integration: NUVIATech Protection has its own design, testing and manufacturing facilities, enabling them to adapt its products to regulatory changes and to offer new solutions in its areas of expertise.

What is vertical integration?

L’intégration verticale désigne un processus qui vise à contrôler toute la chaîne de valeur, depuis la conception, jusqu’à la distribution des produits finis, en passant par leur fabrication.

The objective is to achieve economies of scale and synergies, to better control costs and the environmental impact of production, and to boost its capacity to innovate.

Vertical integration for full control of the solutions offered.

Designer, manufacturer, distributor

NUVIATech Protection, who specialises in mechanics and chemistry, has test furnaces and its own chemistry laboratory, enabling us to design and test our products. This unique organisation enables us to respond quickly to the most specific specifications.

NUVIATech Protection manufactures all its products, maintains a stock of certain sensitive materials, constantly manages compatibility with existing installations, avoids obsolescence and anticipates regulatory changes.