Risk management is at the heart of our approach and our offer, with a range of dedicated products, solutions and services, whether in terms of fire, flood, spread or radiological risks.

Fire protection

Taking into account a possible accidental situation due to fire in a structure calls for a set of provisions which all aim to maintain control of the operation by protecting people and equipment. Our teams provide you with the keys to risk analysis and all the dimensions of a protection strategy adapted to the specificities of each market, including a wide range of equipment designed, manufactured, tested and qualified in our workshops.

Flood protection

The protection of buildings and installations against flooding and liquid tightness in general has become a major issue for the safety of people and property. However, unlike fire protection, which is extremely well regulated from a regulatory point of view, there is no general test standard for qualifying the performance of waterproofing systems.
Flooding and its consequences for the environment pose a changing safety issue depending on each site, its location and its operating conditions. Our teams can identify and re-evaluate for you the specific parameters of the hazard on your installation, then equip it with protections adapted to its requirements in order to guarantee its waterproofness and integrity.

Radiological protection

Throughout the life cycle of a radiological risk site, reducing the exposure of responders and the public to the dangerous effects of ionizing radiation, protecting facilities against contamination and complying with legislation requires a set of highly qualified methods and equipment. Our teams deploy for you a very wide range of solutions in radiological protection: advice, radiological measurements and controls, products, tele-operable tools, industrial and production logistics assistance, radioactive remediation, soil decontamination and treatment, approved dosimetry services…


NUVIATech Protection dampers are designed to be used for sealing, gas regulation, air treatment, hot gas collection and dust removal.
The most frequent industrial sectors of use are the nuclear industry, iron and steel industry, cement industry, incineration plants, cogeneration plants, heat recovery systems, thermal power plants…
NUVIATech Protection offers a wide range of insulation and regulation devices for ventilation circuits.

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