Range: EvoluPART

Logo COMPART This product is sold by COMPART, a NUVIATech Protection brand.

EvoluPART is a fire-stop cable box for sealing electrical cable passages


Type of protection : Fire


Protection for : Electrical Cables


Configuration : Wall or concrete slab



1mm thick metal case, lined with intumescent materials.

Fire Resistance: EI 120

Reaction to fire: E (not determined)


* EI: Integrity and Insulation: stops hot gas and smoke (E), and provides thermal insulation (I)


• Simple and quick installation with mechanical fixings
• Allows electrical installations to be altered by feeding through new fittings, with no change to the existing fire-stop sealing
• Can be dismantled and reused as needed
• No filling required



Available in 3 sizes to fit all openings (go to the e-shop) (accéder à l’e-shop)
Documents and certifications


• EFECTIS report 13-A-492 Rev1
• Tested according to European standard EN 1366-3



• Position the housing on the wall and mark the fixing points
• Drill with an 8mm drill bit to a depth greater than 45mm
• Dust off the supports
• Install the lower part of the housing under the cable tray using the studs
• Attach the lower part to the cable tray with the plastic clamps
• Position the upper part of the housing using the toggle fasteners
• Tighten the fixing points with the studs

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