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Logo COMPART This product is sold by COMPART, a NUVIATech Protection brand.

SolidPART is an EI 120 expanding fire-stop mortar (2 hrs fire protection) for sealing electrical or mechanical bushings and ducts


Application domain :  Wall or floor configuration


Material : Concrete or masonry


Type of protection : Fire


Protection for : Electrical or mechanical bushings and ducts



SolidPART is an expanding fire-stop mortar providing 2 hrs of fire protection, to be mixed with water.

Guaranteed halogen-free and asbestos-free.

Sealing of small to large openings (up to 1200mmx800mm) with multiple penetrations.



• Expansion of 15 to 20% on drying

• Easy implementation

• Fast setting time

• Fittings easily fed through without changing the existing sealing


* EI: Integrity and Insulation: stops hot gas and smoke (E), and provides thermal insulation (I)


• Base: cement (powder)

• Colour: grey

• Density: 0.8kg/L approx

• Packaging: 25kg bag fills a volume of about 35L

• Use within: 6 months (date of manufacture)

• Thermal conductivity (according to ISO 8302): 0.22 W/(m.K) at 10°C

Documents and certifications


• FECTIS report 13-A-492-Rev1
• Tested according to European standard EN 1366-3
• Declaration of performance



• Clean and degrease the supports
• Moisten surfaces
• If necessary, make a light formwork (cardboard, polyane, etc.)
• Gradually incorporate 25kg of mortar into water and mix until the desired consistency is obtained: thick (10L of water) to fluid (13L of water)
• Pour the mortar into the opening, possibly using a mortar pump
• Smooth if necessary with a trowel
• Clean tools with water immediately after use
• Allow 16 hours drying time before stripping to avoid surface delamination
• Apply the compliance label

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