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Operating in France and throughout the world, NUVIATech Protection designs products and systems to protect your structures and equipment against the following risks: fire, flooding, contamination, radiation and seismic risk.

NUVIATech Protection’s innovative, high-performance solutions monitor and protect vulnerable installations to accidental risks thus ensuring the long-term sustainability of your investments by extending their lifespan and guaranteeing the safety of the personnel involved in accordance with regulations.

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You can now buy your COMPART fire-protection products online.

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  • COMPART present at the V-EXPO 2019

    19 September 2019

  • COMPART present at the Europack Euromanut CFIA 2019

    19 November - 21 November 2019

About the Nuvia Group

NUVIA Group is your partner throughout the lifecycle of your equipment in a highly regulated environment. In response to the issues faced by sensitive sites and activities, NUVIA, through its NUVIATech Protection brand, offers highly specialised risk-control products, and assists its customers with their implementation and operation.

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