Our expertise has been well-known and recognised for more than 30 years. We work with you whatever your issue: from design to production of the most relevant solution, and providing both on-site installation and maintenance.


Experts in both mechanics and chemistry, we have test furnaces, aeraulic testing benches, high-performance thermal calculation software and our own chemistry laboratory: this unique structure enables us to both design and test our products so that we can respond rapidly and seamlessly to the most detailed specifications.


We manufacture all of our products ourselves. Vertically integrating our processes gives us total control over our solutions and avoids any obsolescence: stocks of sensitive materials, ongoing monitoring of our products’ compatibility, anticipation of regulatory changes.

Installation on site

As a guarantee of product performance, on-site installation is carried out by NUVIATech Protection’s qualified teams. Our specialists are trained to operate in all environments, especially those at risk. Training of our staff is a priority in this respect.

Expertise and maintenance

By calling on our expertise, you benefit from our three decades of operational experience in France and worldwide. NUVIATech Protection provides specialist intervention on your installations, using manual and/or digital simulation to analyse the deterioration risk of your infrastructures, and carrying out monitoring and maintenance of your equipment.